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God’s Gift of Creation

Hereford BorthersA couple years ago, my good friend and coworker, Bill Bateson, accompanied me out to my cottage farm where I video taped a short reflection on God’s Gift of Creation. In this short video, with Bill & his camera on one side, my (former) two beautiful polled Herefords chewing the grass in the background, and my overgrown pasture all around us, I reflect, from Scripture and St. Bonaventure, on the importance of looking for the vestiges of God “in the things that have been made” (Romans 1:20). Hopefully, our search for the evidence of God in His Creation should fill us with gratitude. I posted this on my previous blog, but I wanted to re-post it for your thoughts. (If you are interested in more of my thoughts along this line, you might check out my book, Life From Our Land.)

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