Highlands Valley Cottage Farm

An old man and his tolerant, forbearing wife outstanding in their field.

Life From Our Land Revisited.

On this site, we’d like to share a few more reflections from life on our “cottage farm”, now five years since our book, “Life From Our Land.” Though much, much has changed, we still agree with this quote from a classic book about life in the Maine woods:

“Why did we come to live here in the first place? We thought it was because we liked the woods, because we wanted to find a simple, leisurely way of life. Now, looking back, I think that we were unconsciously seeking to find a lost sense of our own identity. . . . I know that many people — perhaps most people — couldn’t feel that, living here, they held within their grasp all the best of life. So for them it wouldn’t be the best. For us, it is.” (Louise Dickinson Rich, We Took to the Woods (Rockport, Maine: Down East Books, 1970), pp. 319, 322.)

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