An Introductory Thought …

Thank you for visiting my blog. From here you can link to two depositories of this old man’s reflections on faith and rural life

But I’m sheepish about starting this site, because I’m admittedly one of those snarky old Luddites that thinks the internet and digital technology are the downfall of Western civilization. I’m a lingering disciple of the The 12 Southerners (I’ll Take My Stand), Msgr. Luigi Ligutti (Rural Roads to Security), E.F. Schumacher (Small Is Beautiful), Neil Postman (Technopoly), Gene Logsdon (The Contrary Farmer), and others who, even when giving their warnings of the dangers of encroaching technology, never dreamed of the coming digital revolution—and especially that it would be driven into high-gear by the world-wide Covid pandemic, causing such a detrimental effect on our culture, our families, our lives, and even our Church. Certainly at the core, all technology is a gift from God, but its use and value depends upon the hands that develop and guide it—and few of the digital technologies and gadgets that control our present lives were developed by people who demonstrate any interest whatsoever of discerning and following the will of God.

But a side axiom of Marshall McLuhan’s famous quip, “The medium is the message”, is that if one has a message, one has to use the available medium. And today this is increasingly the Internet. So here I am, not so much with a message I believe the world needs to hear, but with a few thoughts I want to share and discuss with friends. MG

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