Petra’s Fish & Chips*

Fred grew up in a small coastal New England town. Like most other New Englanders, Fred loved sea food. Though there were many sea food restaurants in his small town, from the time he had his first taste of Cod, he and his family were devoted customers of Abrezzi’s Fish & Chips! Occasionally they might... Continue Reading →

Strive to Enter God’s Rest

The First Reading for Friday’s Mass is far more significant than the attention, I fear, it too seldom receives. And even if it receives any mention in what are usually short Friday homilies, its true significance can be missed if not seen within its larger context within the entire Letter to the Hebrews. And besides,... Continue Reading →

Have This Mind Among Yourselves

I’ve been hesitant to jump back into blogging. Since I’m essentially retiring from active ministry, I just wasn’t sure what my first step back into the fray ought to be. Long ago, I posted above my desk St. Paul’s commitment from 1 Corinthians 9:16, “Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” This... Continue Reading →

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