Red Zone Thinking

This site is not about football. It’s about taking the urgency of our relationship with God a bit more seriously. Like the proverbial “frog in the pot”, (it seems that) most of us, even the most religious among us, live our lives will little sense of urgency, sometimes no differently than everyone else around us. We may even be serious about practicing the disciplines of our faith–maybe even to the point of being an annoying stickler to the straight and narrow–but seriously, if you and I were to find ourselves standing face-to-face with God tonight, could either of us stand before Him without embarrassment?

This site will hopefully contain lots of reflections, by myself and others, about living our faith seriously, urgently, and practically, and we invite your thoughts. I will also be sharing some of my thoughts, and looking forward to your comments, about this difficult time in which we are living. We need to be in this together. MG

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