Poverty of Spirit

As they do every third year, the Beatitudes sneak up upon us as the Gospel reading for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. And everyone, especially my age, has heard or read the Beatitudes and the rest of the Sermon on the Mount not just once but at least a bazilion times. But have we... Continue Reading →

“An old Farmer’s Rant” Revisited

A year or so ago I posted about the visit of a friend, an aging "wanted-to-be" farmer. He and I were relaxing in front of our hearthstone wood stove, when he started to rant. "You know, there was a time when my contentment was being shattered by bitterness. From scratch I had developed our farm... Continue Reading →

“Life From Our Land” Revisited

Seven years ago, it was a great honor and humble surprise to be asked to speak on of all things Agrarian Distributism. For me to do this square on would truly have been a clear example of the Peter Principal, for being by far the worst farmer who ever lived, and mostly inept in economics,... Continue Reading →

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